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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people does the worship centre seat?2018-11-15T03:13:44+00:00

Based on the available parking and the size of the building, our target number is 600 people on site (in the worship centre and Harvest Kids) per service. The worship centre has 460 chairs, with room for a few more if absolutely needed.

Is there enough parking?2018-11-15T03:14:46+00:00

This is a smallish site, just 2.5 acres in total. That said, it is completely built-out with no setbacks, green space, islands, or walkways. It is essentially building and pavement, which allows us to maximize parking. On site we have approximately 220 parking spots, and with additional on-street and business parking nearby, we can adequately accommodate our target of 600 people per service.

What are our plans for the second floor?2018-11-15T03:16:06+00:00

The second floor of the main building has about 5000 square feet of space. It is presently being utilized as-is, but we hope sometime in 2019 to renovate the upstairs to include: a large group room with food service area for youth and other ministry functions, three good-sized classrooms, a meeting room, washrooms, and a large lounge area. This additional space will facilitate continued growth and concurrent programming in our ministries.

Is it too late to get involved in the Made for This campaign?2018-11-16T21:08:31+00:00

Not at all—the Made for This campaign is still going strong! In fall 2016, our Harvest family made three-year giving commitments toward the renovations of 7 George Street, so the campaign continues through the end of 2019. Many new people have joined our church since then. All are invited to help fund the vision that God has entrusted to us.